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Breakfast bag (approx. 12 people)

Breakfast bag (approx. 12 people)

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  • 5x lye sticks
  • 7x hand roll
  • 2x butter croissants
  • 3x butter croissant
  • 4x nougat croissants
  • 2x nut snail
  • 3x muesli rolls
  • 6x different jams in jars (28g)
  • 6x butter (10g)
  • 2x Nutella (25g)
  • 2x honey (28g)
  • 3x apple
  • 3x banana
  • 2x packs of seedless grapes
  • 2x ham from pork 55g
  • 2x turkey extra sausage 66g
  • 2x turkey salami 40g
  • 2x Gouda 71g

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